David Marx, Founder & CEO

Future food and eating will increasingly become a lifestyle experience offered by (fashion) brands and their on- and offline flagship stores who, by doing so, add highly emotional products to their existing portfolios. At the science kitchen we help invent, create, design and manufacture, these products drawing from our strengths of understanding brands and design as well as the food industry. Our joint aim is to make the future of food better, healthier, more beautiful and functional (again).

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Ice cream


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David Marx

- Founder & CEO

David Marx is the creative head, inventor, food designer and founder of the science kitchen GmbH & Co. KG. His first own product 'kyl' has already proven in an impressive manner how incredibly beautiful, healthy, effective and new popsicle ice can be in the future.

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Philipp Martin

- Head of FoodLab

Philipp Martin is avant-garde chef as well as food scientist and the latest member of the interdisciplinary TSK team. The fact that he speakes both languages (the producer & the user) makes him just the perfect head to lead the foodlab.

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Hannes Rütz

- Chef de Cuisine

Avant-gard chef pioneer Hannes Rütz joined David Marx at the science kitchen Food Lab after their joint time at one of the most spectacular molecular restaurants in Berlin: the Reinstoff. Hannes Rütz is responsible for the so crucial areas of recipes and textures and presents the products of the science kitchen at show events.

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Jenny Bartolmäs

- Eventmanagement

Jenny Bartolmäs has worked with the big ones and has seen the world. She has now found her new home at the science kitchen where she navigates and manages our mobile unit, the taste satellite, in order to present our fantastic food products to interested people together with Hannes Rütz.

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And lastly, we work by a few basic rules:

Vegan nutrition is the future.

Our products speak for themselves and tell the truth.

We create only what we love.

We always prefer products of our region chosen based on the highest quality standard.